Research Platforms

School of Business Administration has nine provincial-level research platforms and one provincial-level laboratory. In 2003, the School was approved by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province to establish one of the first batch of provincial key research bases for philosophy and social science. In 2005, the base was selected by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as the national innovative research base for philosophy and social science supported by the second phase of the “985 project”, and successfully received validation from MOE in 2009. In the same year of 2009, the Liberal Education Center of Experiment & Practice was selected as the national demonstration center for experimental teaching, and the Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center was selected as the provincial demonstration center for experimental teaching. In 2011, the Laboratory for Innovation Methodology & Decision Management System of Guangdong Province was officially recognized as a provincial key laboratory which is the first provincial key laboratory in liberal arts.    



SBA currently has 29 Research Centers, which are:

·         Research Center of Chinese Corporate Strategic Management

·         Research and Consultancy Center for Guangdong Small and Medium-Sized Firms

·         Research Center of Technological Innovation Assessment of SCUT

·         Guangdong Provincial Soft Science Research Base

·         Research Base of Guangzhou Financial Service Innovation and Risk Management

·         Science and Technology Revolution and Technology Foresight Think Tank

·         Third-party Assessment Think Tank for Implementation Effects of Major Science and Technology Project and Platform

·         Research Center for Large-company Innovation System Construction of Guangzhou

·         Research Center of Collaborative Innovation of SCUT

·         Institute for Supply Chain Integration and Service Innovation

·         Gig Economy Institute

·         Research Center of Industry Analysis and Decision-making

·         South China Management Case Study Center

·         Research Center of Enterprise Information and Knowledge Management

·         Research Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

·         Research Center of Contemporary Manufacturing Information System

·         China Marketing Management Research Center

·         Venture Capital Research Center of SCUT

·         Research Center for Decision Sciences and Risk Management

·         Research Center of Capital Markets and Corporate Finance

·         Research Center for Human Resources Management

·         Research Center for Labor Relationship

·         Research Center for Science of Forecasting

·         Green Supply Chain Research Center

·         Research Center for Branding Strategy Development

·         Research Center for Big Data Analytics

·         Research Center for Smart City Management

·         Research Center for Accounting Development

·         Research Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility


SBA currently has 2 Laboratories:

·         Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory for Innovative Methodology & Decision-making Management System

·         Internet Behavior Science Laboratory