Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office of the School of Business Administration is an educational management service agency which is responsible for the daily ideological and political education and affairs management of students under the leadership of the Party Committee of the School. At present, it consists of 5 instructors, who are responsible for various student affairs.

Students’ ideological education and management: Paying attention to the mental health education of students, strengthening the education of students' ideals and beliefs, guiding students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, cultivating students’ good moral quality and ideological quality, and promoting the  healthy growth of students; 

Daily guidance and service for students: The work mainly includes archives arrangement, dormitory hygiene, extracurricular exercise, student military training, student insurance, graduate education, graduation appraisal and other relevant work. At the same time, it is responsible for the application, assessment and distribution of students’ scholarships, fellowship and subsidies, and actively constructs the service system for students’ work, study and life for students;

Students’ community activities: Organizing students to carry out social practice and the youth volunteer service activities, taking the characteristic base of community activities as the platform and relying on the students’ associations to flourish the campus culture; carrying out rich and colorful student activities so as to enrich the after-school life, while improving the organizational capability and overall quality of students.

Students’ career development and planning: The School focuses on the long-term and normalization of employment guidance work, provides elective courses about job hunting, invites the teachers of human resource management to give lectures about career planning and also invites outstanding alumni from academia and various industries to hold career development seminars for students, and organizes students to visit employment practice bases. In order to improve students’ job-hunting skills, simulative applications and interviews are also held to provide customized consulting services for students with job-seeking difficulties. In addition, the School uses the strong network of alumni and good relationships with large enterprises to provide students with internships and employment opportunities, build a platform for the cultivation of employability and enhance the awareness and ability of career planning.

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