School Library

School Library

The Library of School of Business Administration at SCUT offers library and data retrieval services to school teachers and students. The Library employs three staff and has a total floor area of 800 square meters. The Library has a collection in Chinese of 41,891 volumes, 4,038 volumes in foreign languages, 13,388 volumes of Chinese periodicals and 1,106 periodicals in foreign languages. The Library has basically completed the information digitalization which allows the faculty and students to search the collection information of books, periodicals, and dissertations on the webpage of the center via intranet. The School has eighteen electronic databases (See below for the list). Via intranet, the school teachers and students can access databases like Elsevier, Emerald and ProQuest etc. to search for literatures in business and economic management. The Library has a seat capacity of 120, and 53 computers installed with frequently-used software and internet access. The School Library serves seven days a week, with an opening hours from 8:30 to 22:30.


Full text database on management case studies of South China Management Case Study Center

ProQuest database of business and economic management

EBSCO-ASP, BSP, SRC database

EBSCO-ASP, BSP, SRC database

INFOBANK database

Gildata Work Station Database

Emerald database on economics, management, library studies and engineering

Science Direct Elsevier electronic journals

CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) database

INFORMS Online Journals

Springer-Verlag electronic journals

IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) database

PQDT full text database of master’s degree and doctoral degree Dissertation

John Wiley electronic journals

WorldSciNet (WSN) electronic journals

DRCnet database

CEINET Industry Database

Wind Financial Terminal