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Laboratories & Centers

No.Laboratories   & CentersDirector
1Overseas   Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation (111   Center) for Organic Optoelectronic Functional Materials and DevicesProf.   Ma Yuguang
2Overseas   Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation (111   Center) for Novel Biomedical Materials and Tissue RestorationProf.   Wang Yingjun
3State   Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and DevicesProf.   Ma Yuguang
4National   Engineering Research Center for Tissue Restoration and ReconstructionProf.   Wang Yingjun
5Key   Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Engineering of the Ministry of   EducationProf.   Chen Xiaofeng
6International   Joint Laboratory of Advanced Functional MaterialsProf.   Peng Junbiao
7Guangdong   Key Lab for High-performance and Functional Polymer MaterialsProf.   Luo Yuanfang
8Key   Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering of Guangdong ProvinceProf.   Wang Yingjun
9Key   Laboratory of Advanced Energy Storage Materials of Guangdong ProvinceProf.   Zhu Min
10Guangdong   Provincial Key Laboratory of Fiber Laser Materials and Applied TechniquesProf.   Yang Zhongmin
11Guangdong   University Key Laboratory of High Performance Rubber, Plastics and Composite   MaterialsProf.   Zeng Xingrong
12Guangdong   University Key Laboratory of Clean Energy MateralsProf.   Zhu Min
13Engineering   Research Center for Nano-biological Materials and Engineering of Guangzhou   CityProf.   Wang Yingjun
14Guangzhou   Engineering Research Center of Panel Display IndustryProf.   Peng Junbiao
15Engineering   R&D Center for Functional Materials of Guangdong ProvinceProf.   Xu Qiaoyu
16 Engineering Research Center for Tissue   Restoration and Reconstruction of Guangdong ProvinceProf.   Wang Yingjun
17Guangdong   Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Special Optical   Fiber Materials and DevicesProf.   Yang Zhongmin
18Guangdong   Province Building Materials Engineering Technology Research Center of Low   Carbon TechnologyProf.   Yu Qijun
19Guangdong   Provincial Engineering Technology R&D Center of Electronic Packaging   Materials and ReliabilityProf.   Zhang Xinping
20Guangdong   Provincial Engineering Research Centre on Solid-State Lighting and its   InformationisationProf.   Li Guoqiang
21Guangdong   Engineering Research Center of Advanced Energy Storage MaterialsProf.   Ouyang Liuzhang
22Guangdong   Engineering Laboratory of Printing OLED Materials and Display TechnologyProf.   Peng Junbiao
23Guangdong   Engineering Research Center of Metallic Materials Surface FunctionalizationProf.   Kuang Tongchun
24Guangdong   Engineering Research Center of Flexible OLED DisplayProf.   Peng Junbiao