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In the past years the School has secured a large number of research grants and projects including those under national R & D plan, such as the "863 Program", "Key Technology Problem in 10th Five-year Plan", the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and those from Guangdong provincial government including team program of the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, the special scientific and technological program of Guangdong Province, and some from the technological problem-tackling program of Guangzhou City, as well as a number of projects funded by the industrial sectors. By carrying out these research projects, substantial achievements have been made, with an actual funding allocated to the School up to more than 150 million RMB each year. In 2016,the SMSE's faculties have published about 620 research papers, had 440 patents authorized and got 8 projects reviewed and appraised.From 2006- 2016, the SMSE's faculties have also been conferred more than 30 awards of scientific and technological achievements by national and provincial governments.