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   School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) consists of the Department of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Inorganic Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Electronic Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Metallic Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Materials Science Institute, the Polymer Materials Institute, the Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Institute, the Optical Communication Institute, and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering Research.

   SMSE currently has a faculty and staff of 310 members, among whom 100 are professors (including 8 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 10 Professors of Cheung Kong Scholars, 14 Professors of Pearl River Scholars, and 90 doctoral advisors) and 98 associate professors, associate researchers, as well as senior engineers. More than 90% of the teachers bear Ph.D. SMSE has an enrollment of 2979 students, among whom 1529 are undergraduate students, 987 graduate students, 463 Ph. D. candidates and 6 international students.

   SMSE has 2 national key discipline doctoral programs: materials science and engineering, and biomedical engineering, and the post-doctoral station of materials science and engineering, and biomedical engineering. It also has 2 second-grade discipline doctoral programs of polymer chemistry and physics, and microelectronics and solid-electronics, the former of which is Guangdong top-ranking discipline. The school offers 5 bachelor programs: polymer materials and engineering, inorganic materials science and engineering, electronic science and technology, information display and optoelectronic technology, and biomedical engineering. 

   SMSE boasts of its well-equipped facilities, which include 1 State Key Laboratory, 1 National Engineering Research Center, 1 Key Laboratories of Ministry of Education, 6 Guangdong Key Laboratories, and 12 R & D centers of Guangdong Province. In 2017, SMSE has undertaken more than 290 projects including projects under major projects of National Nature Science Foundation and Natural Science Foundation for Youth, national key research projects and major military industry research projects, as well as projects of talent training of the ministry of education, major projects of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, major bidding projects and other important projects. The actual scientific research outlay reached 256 million yuan (RMB) in 2017. The faculty of the school has published 683 theses in Science Citation Index, EI, and ISTP. The School has applied 476 patents, among which 230 are authorized patents. In the past five years, SMSE has more than 100 scientific and technological applications created values accounting for 2 billion yuan (RMB), thus making significant contributions to the economic development, especially to that of Guangdong province. 
   SMSE pays considerable attention to the construction of laboratories. Through the developments under "211 Projects", and "985 Projects", it has made great improvements. Now, some of the laboratories have reached global or national advanced level.