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Academics & Research


Mainly research fields:

Polymer solar cells; Aggregation Induced Emission (AIE); Special fiber materials and fiber lasers; Flexible OLED display materials and processes; Advanced hydrogen storage energy materials; Marine engineering materials; High performance polymer materials and processing; High performance metal materials and processing; Green building materials.

Scientific research strengths:

SMSE has outstanding scientific research strengths and achievements, and has won more than 30 national/provincial/ministerial-level awards (including 2 Second Prizes of National Natural Science Foundation Award, 2 Second Prizes of National Technical Invention Award, 1 First Prize of Higher Education Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, 1 First Prize of Higher Education Technical Invention Award of the Ministry of Education, and 7 First Prizes of Science and Technology Award of Guangdong Province). In 2018, SMSE had got a total research funding of 218 million CNY, and published 744 articles of three major index, 186 of which were highly cited in ESI (November 2018). In 2018, SMSE had applied for 358 patents, 284 of which were granted and 9 were transferred. More than 100 academic conferences and seminars had been held.

Research platforms:

SMSE has one State Key Laboratory (State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices), one National Engineering Research Center (National Engineering Research Center for Tissue Function Reconstruction), 20 provincial and ministerial-level laboratories including international joint laboratories/ Key Laboratory/Engineering Laboratory/Technology Research Center, one National Experiment Teaching Center (Materials Science and Engineering Experiment Teaching Center), one National Virtual Reality Experiment Teaching Center for Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, and one International School of Advanced Materials.