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ME Program  

School of Business Administration of SCUT is the only one of South-China business schools that has simultaneously conducted the master’s degree education of Project Management, Logistics Engineering and Industrial Engineering, and has been one of the first-team seven colleges and universities that gain acceptance from the engineers of British Institution of Logistics and Transportation (ILT). Because of the superiority possessed by SCUT and its School of Business Administration respectively in engineering and in management science and engineering science, the Master of Engineering (ME) program of School of Business Administration has become one of the ME programs that hold clear superiority and whose enrollment scales have come out at the top of the national 180 ME programs continuously in the past three years, ranking third in 2003, ranking fourth in 2004 and ranking second in 2005.

The training objects of School of Business Administration’s ME program are focused on the engineering technological personnel of enterprises and public institutions. The ME students will be brought up to be all-round talent skilled at technology, engineering and management by domestic and overseas professors, experts and managers through a training model with the combination of classroom teaching, experiments, applications and researches, so that they will be qualified to be middle and high-level administrative personnel in the domain of manufacture, logistics and project management.