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The Alumni Association of South China University of Technology (AASCUT), which was founded in 1984, has 60 branches and 150,000 members at home and abroad. It is a non-profit organisation comprised of SCUT alumni, with the purpose to strengthen the links among alumni, branch associations and the University, inherit and uphold the fine tradition of SCUT, and contribute to the growth of the University and the country.

Under the guidance of AASCUT, the Alumni Association of the SBA was founded and convened for the first time in 2002. On December 21, 2013, the 3rd Alumni Council was established. The association has more than 15,000 current members. Aiming at facilitating alumni's growth through service and support, it is committed to setting up a closer tie between the School and the alumni and paying close attention to their growth. Apart from that, it creates study and exchange platforms for alumni, which provides added value service to them and fosters interactive development between the School and the alumni.

The Alumni Association of the SBA adopts council system, under which there are a number of honorary chairman, honorary adviser, honorary vice chairman and adviser, one chairman, one secretary general, a few deputy secretary generals, deputy chairmen, executive council members and members, who serve a term of four years. There is an alumni affairs secretary who is responsible for alumni related work.

In places where there are a large number of alumni, local alumni clubs are set up. For instance, Dongguan Alumni Club of the School of Business Administration was set up in 2008, Hakka Alumni Club was established in 2009, and there is Foshan Alumni Association for MBA and EMBA students. Such associations pool together the resources of alumni and foster stronger tie between the School and alumni in different locations.

The fund of the SBA Alumni Association comes from appropriations made by the University and the School and alumni donation.