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MBA Program  

The SCUT MBA programme is one of the second group in the country and among the first group in South China approved by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee in 1993. Based in South China, the programme is actively exploring the education market in China by integrating faculty expertise. Until now, the programme has graduated nearly 5,000 students, with over 600 current enrolment students. Its students work mainly in various industries in the Pearl River Delta area, and are the new economic power in the region.

Paying great attention to the international element in MBA education, the SCUT MBA strives for exchange and co-operations with overseas business schools. In recent years, SBA has established extensive international connections by carrying out exchanges and co-operations in various forms with nearly 20 universities and research institutes from over 10 countries and regions, including the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Japan, and Singapore. Currently, SBA has established sister school relationships with universities from Italy, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. International exchanges and cooperation of SBA take different shapes, including joint research projects, associate teaching activities, student exchanges, seminars, bilingual classes, exchanges and visits, and etc. The School has signed an agreement with Missouri State University of the U.S., enabling the School's MBA students to study for one academic year in U.S. after obtaining sufficient credits at the School. Credits are mutually recognized, and students obtain degrees from both universities on completion of required studies.

The MBA programme currently offers two modes of study: part-time and full-time. For the Full-time MBA programme, classes are arranged during week days and are delivered bilingually (Chinese-English) with English teaching materials. The programme is opened to Chinese students with sufficient English proficiency and international students mastering certain level of Chinese language. The Part-time MBA programme is organised in the evening of week days or during weekends to meet the needs of students in employment. The Part-time MBA programme is also delivered in Shenzhen city, aiming at providing convenience for student resident in Shenzhen. The course venue for Shenzhen Class is at Shenzhen Youth College.