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Dean’s Message  

South China University of Technology is a famous higher education institution with a profound historical and cultural heritage. Following the university motto of “learn extensively, ponder prudently, discriminate clearly and practice devotedly”, the School of Business Administration explores ways and works hard on management science research and training management talents.

Looking back at the three decades we have been through, we can see that there were ups and downs and we’ve grown from small to big, from weak to strong. Now we are among one of the leading business schools in China. We offer PhD programs in two disciplines, namely management science and business administration. We are equipped with talented and vibrant teaching staff, excellent education facilities and an ever-expanded international cooperation network. We believe in the combination of teaching and research, technology and management, localization and globalization. And with that in mind we have nurtured a large number of excellent management staff with pragmatism, ambition and vision. We are reputed to be the cradle of entrepreneurs in South China and a palace for business elites.

China is now in a crucial stage of reform and is on its way to become a leading country in the world. In this period we will follow closely what the country and society need, offer intellectual support for the government’s extensive reform and train management experts for the upgrading and transformation of the enterprises. We will seize the opportunity given by the times, spare no effort to improve ourselves and try to become a renowned and respected business school home and abroad.

Professeor ZHU Guilong, PhD


School of Business Administration