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In 2005, School of Business Administration was given the ratification to be the 985 project second-phrase innovative base for philosophy and social sciences – the emerging industrialized development and innovation base. Upon this platform, a number of research centers were set up or restructured. Today there are totally 20 research centers within the school, acting as a hub for academics, consultants, students and business practitioners to approach research activities. School of Business Administration received in 2009 the highest national award for humanities and social sciences - Outstanding Achievement Award for Humanities and Social Sciences from the Ministry of Education for a study on strategic behavior of Chinese enterprises in transition. In 2015, School of Business Administration received ¥25.49 million yuan in funding for 100 research projects.

The 20 research centers are as follows:

  • Research Center of Chinese Corporate Strategic Management

  • Research Center of Technological Innovation Assessment (in cooperation with the Economic and Trade Commission of Guangdong Province)

  • Research Center for Industry Analysis and Decision-making

  • Research Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Research Center of Enterprise Information and Knowledge Management

  • Research Center of Contemporary Manufacturing Information System

  • Research and Consultancy Center for Small and Medium-sized Firms  (in cooperation with the Bureau of Small and Medium enterprises of Guangdong province)

  • Venture Capital Research Center of SCUT (in cooperation with the Guangdong Venture Capital Co. Ltd and the Guangdong Technology Venture Capital Co. Ltd)

  • South China Management Case Study Center

  • China Marketing Management Research Center

  • Research Center for Decision Sciences and Risk Management

  • Research Center of Capital Markets and Corporate Finance

  • Research Center for Human Resources Management

  • Institute of Supply Chain Integration and Service Innovation

  • Research Center for Labor Relationship

  • Research Center for Science of Forecasting

  • Green Supply Chain Research Center

  • Research Center for Branding Strategy Development

  • Research Center of Energy Economics (in cooperation with the Guangzhou Development Group Inc.)

  • Research Center of Collaborative Innovation

Updated June, 2016