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After more than 35 years of development, School of Business Administration has established a complete education system offering bachelor’s degree, master’s degree as well as doctoral degree programs by giving full play to its academic and geographical advantages. SBA has seven departments including the Department of Decision Sciences, the Department of Financial Management, the Department of Industrial Engineering, the Department of Management, the Department of Marketing, and the Department of Technological Economics and Management. The School has doctoral programs and postdoctoral research programs in two first-level subjects, i.e. Management Sciences and Engineering and Business Administration, among which, the former is the Guangdong provincial Peak-climbing Key Subject and the latter is the Guangdong provincial Preponderant Key Subject. In the 4th round of the China University Subject Rankings, SBA’s subject of Management Science and Engineering entered the 1st tier group with grade A- (top 5%-10%)  and ranking 10th; and the subject of Business Administration was evaluated as B+ (top 10%-20%) and ranked 25th. The School offers doctoral programs and academic master programs in three second-level subjects, including Accounting, Enterprise Management Technological Economics and Management, and a master program in first-level subject of Management Sciences and Engineering. In addition, SBA are authorized to confer professional master degree in five majors, namely MBA, EMBA, MPAcc, Master of Engineering, Master of Valuation. For bachelor degree, SBA offers six programs including Business Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Industrial Engineering which is a 2+2 complex cross-disciplinary program. Apart from this, the Senior Executive Training Center of SBA provides non-degree training programs for enterprises and individuals, qualifying itself as a front-runner in the training industry in South China. Currently, 3,527 students are studying in SBA, among them, 1,234 are bachelor students, 2,102 are master students (including 1,713 pursuing profession master degrees), and 190 are doctoral students. School of Business Administration is one of the largest business schools in China with the most complete discipline coverage and the most reasonable establishment.

(Data as of 2018.08.31