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This presentation provides a brief overview of current trends and challenges in scientific publishing, how publishers and authors interact and influence each other, and how the publishing area is being transformed. Tips will be presented on how to select an appropriate journal for your paper, what aspects of preparation and presentation to focus on from a peer-review editor’s perspective, the general editorial workflows of Wiley materials science journals, publishing ethics, and hints for maximizing the impact of your paper after publication in Wiley.



Muxian Shen obtained her B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology. After receiving her Ph.D. degree in Material Science at the same university, she joined Nature Research Group as the first Editorial Assistant for Nature Communications, Nature Materials and Nature Energy based in Asia in 2015, and was promoted to Senior Editorial Assistant for Nature Communications in 2016. With spending 3 years at Springer Nature, she joined Wiley in 2018 as an Assistant Editor for Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Materials Technology, Advanced Engineering Materials, Small Methods. Soon afterwards, in 2019, she was promoted to Associate Editor for Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Optical Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials, Small Methods. In Aug 2020, Muxian joined the leadership team of Advanced Functional Materials. Muxian is based in Wiley Shanghai office.



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