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Zhang Xuichun visited the front-line working group’s office

Recently, Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, made a special investigation on the working group’s preliminary preparationwork for the second-phase construction project of the Guangzhou International Campus. Tao Shaojing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee joined the investigation.

Zhang Xichun first came to the front line of the preliminary preparationwork for the construction project of the campus to learn more about the progress of the work and convey his sincere greetings to the team members. Later, Zhang Xichun chaired a meeting to listen to the preliminary preparation work for the second phase construction project of the Guangzhou International Campus, and then provided guidance on the design programsand the construction standards for the project.

Zhang Xichun gave instruction to the preparatory work 

Zhang Xichun pointed out that theGuangzhou International Campus is a major construction project for the university during its new centennial development. The first-phase construction has demonstrated the “Guangzhou Speed” of the new era, which was highly recognized by all walks of life. The construction group should sum up experience conscientiously and do a good job in the design work of the second-phase construction project in accordance with the overall situation and the actual needs of the university. 

Zhang Xichun advised that all members of the team should remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind. Everyone should ascertain his or her responsibilities and strictly inspect every detail to fully promote the construction project of the Guangzhou International Campus. Zhang Xichun emphasized that we must keep a close eye on the timetable, overcome the pressure of the tight schedules and the heavy tasks, and strive to make the Guangzhou International Campus a benchmark that can withstand any tests with the honest, high-efficient, diligent and pragmatic working style, so as to facilitate the university to get a good start in the new century.

Zhang Xichun listened to the report of the construction group

After the meeting, the construction group of the Guangzhou International Campus immediately summoned  Heads of Offices and the related personnel to further discuss about the construction work and propose the next implementation plan and the regulatory requirements. All the staff are required to overcome all difficulties, and promote the implementation of every specific task, and spare no effort to build the Guangzhou International Campus so as to make contributions to the SCUT’s construction of the “Double First-class” university.

Translated and edited by Chen Juncheng

Proofread by Wu Zhaosheng

Source from the GZIC, SCUT News Network