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Adhering to the construction concept of 'Book Mountain, Wisdom Valley and Meandering Stream ', the library of Guangzhou International Campus is built on the central axis of the International Campus of South China University of Technology on the South Bank of Guangzhou international innovation city. It is one of the landmark buildings of the campus. The construction purpose of the library is positioned as an world-class academic, and research-oriented smart library. After the completion of the library, it will be the world's science and technology, the forefront, accumulate the world's high-end technology books, information and intelligence, and integrate the literature, information  and human resources of Library of Wushan Campus and University Town Campus. Meanwhile becoming an essential scientific and technological document resource guarantee base, learning support service center discipline information service center and international academic exchange platform.

The Library of Guangzhou International Campus is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 and open in 2022. It is a vital part of the library system of the South China University of Technology. The building has a total construction area of 52000 square meters, including 26150 square meters for the library, 18460 square meters for actual use, with more than 2000 reading seats and a designed collection capacity of 1.9 million books. The library has four theme spaces: Chinese Culture Museum, International Special Collection Museum, Music Hall, and High-Tech Experience Space. It has more than 37 independent research and discussion spaces, 145 electronic reading seats, and two 24-hour self-study rooms. The Library of International Campus  has set up two reading rooms in Junde college and Mingcheng college, with a total area of 550 square meters and 82 reader training places; The college library 'Mingzhen Pavilion' is set up in Wu Xianming intelligent engineering college, covering an area of more than 800 square meters and providing 128 reader training places.

The Library of Guangzhou International Campus will inherit the library’s cultural development concept of 'Seeking Truth, Exploring the Source, Mataining Authenticity and Obtaining Knowledge', extend the cultural brands such as 'Truth Seeking Reading Association', 'Truth Inspiring Forum' and 'Truth Collection Pavilion', and rely on the library’s 'National Intellectual Property Information Service Center', 'Sci-tech novelty retrieval workstation of the Ministry of education' and 'Foreign Teaching Material Center of colleges of China Education Ministry”, With the convenience of 'Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Library Sci-Tech Resource Coordination Alliance' and 'Guangdong Science Popularization Education Base', it provides all-round services for teachers and students in the International Campus, such as book borrowing, digital resource retrieval, lecture training, reader service, inter-lending, scientific and technological novelty search, document transmission and so on, so as to ensure the needs of teachers and students in the International Campus for learning, research and cultural life.


Readers should follow the following management regulations when entering the library:

(1) Show identification.Students and staff enter the library with your campus cards, and off-campus readers with letters of introduction and valid certificates.

(2) Be polite. Pay attention to your appearance and dresses.Wearing vests, underpants, and slippers is not allowed to enter the library.

(3) Keep quiet. Do not make a loud noise,including read aloud, sing, whistle, or make other noise.

(4) Maintain orders. Keep the entrance and exit from crowding; do not seize the reading seats and cooperate with the support staff to implement management. The library staff irregularly checks the reading seats and cleans up the articles used to occupy the stools. if the cleaned pieces are lost, the seat occupant shall bear the responsibility.

(5) Keep clean. Do not eat and drink, litter, spit  paint on anywhere in the library.

(6) Pay attention to FIRE SAETY. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the library; inflammable and explosives are strictly prohibited.

(7) Take care of public facilities. Books and materials, furniture, equipment shall be compensated for damage to public property according to regulations.

(8) Consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the library, to be a civilized reader, and consciously obey the management of the library staff and accept the treatment according to the rules in case of violations.


Lin Jian

Office Tel.: 020-81182100

He Haifeng (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100

Chen Zhang (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100

Liu Kai (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100


Liu Yong (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100

Cen Yining (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100

Liang Liangming (All-around librarian)

Office Tel.: 020-81182100



International Campus Library: E3 (under construction)

Mingzhen Pavilion: F1 and F2 of D1

Junde Academy Library: d5-d201

Mingcheng Academy Library: d5-c203

Library Guidance


1、Bibliographic retrieval

Open the library home page, select the search item of 'collection of books and periodicals,' enter keywords (title, responsible person, and other information) in the search column, and click search to display the search results. Select the required books, click to enter the corresponding page, and pay attention to the information of collection place, book number, book status, and so on.

2、All campuses Loan and Return

System websitehttp:// For details, please refer to《All campuses of South China University of Technology Loan and Return

Connect to e-resources

中国知网CNKI(全学科)万方医学网(生物医学)Elsevier ScienceDirect(全学科)IEEE/IET Electronic Library-美国电气电子工程师学会数据库(机电)
维普系列数据库(全学科)爱如生中国方志库(公共管理)web of sciences平台(SCI/SSCI、CPCI-S/CPCI-SSH、DII、INSPEC、ESI、JCR、Incites)CA网络版(SciFinder Scholar)(大化类)
万方数据知识服务平台(全学科)国研网数据库(经济管理)Wiley Online Library-约翰威立(全学科)IOP Publishing Journals(物理学)
超星电子图书(全学科)中国共产党党史数据库(公共管理)Springer Nature-电子图书(全学科)MathSciNet(数学)
中国科学文献服务系统Science China(理工综合)北大法宝(法学)Nature全文数据库及研究月刊/评论月刊(理工综合)APS全文电子期刊数据库(物理学)
全球产品样本数据库(理工综合)一带一路研究与决策支撑平台(经济管理)Engineering Village Compendex-工程索引(理科综合)Emerald全文期刊库(经济管理)
人大“复印报刊资料”数据库信息系统(文科综合)国泰安CSMAR数据库(经济管理)Taylor & Francis-期刊数据库(理科综合)ACM Digital Library(计算机、电子、通信)


INFOBANK高校财经数据库(经济管理)SAGE(含回溯)(文科综合)          ABI/INFORM Collection(ABI/INFORM经济管理资源专辑)   

WIND资讯金融终端(经济管理)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America-美国科学院报 (全学科)OSA美国光学学会全文数据库(物理学)

设计师之家资源库(艺术设计)ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT)--博硕士论文全文数据库(全学科)ASME数据库(机电)

MET英语多媒体资源库(英语学习库)JCR Web(期刊引证报告)
维普考试系统(考试试题库)Essential Science Indicators(基本科学指标,ESI)


  • For more database resources, please go to:

  • [2]Please use the database resources within the IP range of the campus network. For off campus use, please go to and log in to your personal campus account. See the E-Resources off Campus Access Guide for details.(

  • If you have any questions about using database resources, please contact the Digital Resources Department of the library. Tel.: 020-87110258

Paper collection and citation

1、“The search and citation certificate” of faculty and off-campus personnel:


  1. The user clicks on the above website, downloads and fills in the order form, and sends it to the mailbox: (Wushan Campus); (University Town Campus, International Campus)

  2. After receiving the request from the platform, the staff will contact you by phone or email within one working day to confirm the acceptance.

  3. The search completion time is determined based on the number of papers provided by users and the current task volume of our library. The papers commissioned by remote users can be completed within 5 working days (not including mailing time) within 10 papers, and the completion time of more than 10 papers negotiated by both.

  4. The required fee will be notified to the readers after the search is completed, and the readers can go to the library to pay the fee and receive the report.

  5. The location to receive the 'Certificate of Paper Collection and Citation' on the International Campus is the service counter in Room C203, Building D5.

2、Student search certificate:


  1. The user clicks on the above website, downloads and fills in the order form, and sends it to (if students who need to receive the certificate at the University Town Campus or the International Campus, they must indicate 'University Town Campus' or 'International Campus' in front of the email subject., otherwise the certificate will be collected at the Wusahn Campus by default.)

    Reminder: In order to get the required inspection certificate as soon as possible, please try to use the school mailbox ( to send the search request!

  2. After receiving the email, the staff will reply to the email in time to inform whether the paper has been included.

    Reminder: According to the reply email, if the paper is not included and the students who need to complete the article, please download your own article from the database that has been purchased by the Library of SCUT (must be downloaded from the data purchased from the Library of SCUT. Articles downloaded from the Internet database cannot be stamped), and print the first page of the article and come to the library to find a staff member to check the stamp.

  3. Please come to the library to receive the certificate with your student ID on working days. If you need to get it on your behalf, please show the original student ID of the client. The student ID must be within the validity period or be stamped with the registration stamp for the semester before it can be regarded as valid. For students who have exceeded the validity period (extension), or who have not stamped the registration stamp for this semester, please provide a certificate of enrollment with the stamp of the college.

Information literacy

Information Literacy Series Courses are a scientific method course to cultivate students’ information awareness and improve students’ ability to retrieve, obtain, evaluate and use literature information. At present, the library offers the course of information retrieval and utilization (32 class hours and 2 credits). At the same time, various special lectures can be organized regularly and irregularly according to the needs of teachers and students.

Consulting services

The library supports a one-stop service. Suppose you have any questions related to the utilization of resources and services of the library. In that case, you can consult us in any of the following ways at any time when we open the library.

Telephone consultation:

Tel: 020-81182100

Consultation time: 9:00 - 17:00, Monday to Sunday

On-site consultation:

Service point: d5-c203 library service desk