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Road Engineering  

(1) Pavement Engineering

The main research areas of pavement engineering at the South China University of Technology include the viscoelastic mechanics of asphalt materials, theories and methods of asphalt mixture design, testing and evaluation of asphalt pavements, pavement construction management and quality control, rehabilitation and maintenance of pavements, recycling and reuse of pavement materials, green and intelligence construction technologies for asphalt pavements, pavement performance of modified asphalt mixtures, and innovative pavement structure and material. Prof. Xiaoning Zhang and his team created the SCUT road engineering research institute that has been equipped with the most-advanced testing device for asphalt materials and recognized as one of the top-ranked research institutes at national level.



(2) Road Planning and Design

The research team on investigating the road planning and design at the South China University of Technology is led by Prof. Xinsha Fu. Their research areas include the theories and methods of highway route design, three-dimensional design of road and computer simulation system, road CAD and traffic information system, design of road alignment and landscape environment, road alignment and traffic safety, road safety evaluation and management, and etc.



(3) Subgrade Engineering

The main research areas of subgrade engineering at the South China University of Technology include the monitoring of subgrade slope stability and its reinforcement technologies, structure design of reinforcement for soft foundation and construction monitoring, safety risk assessment and disaster prevention for large underground structures, environmental vibration and control of urban rail transportation, disaster mechanism and control analysis of soil-structure system, geosynthetics and reinforced soil structure, and etc.