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Message from the Dean  

Welcome to the virtual home of the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET) at South China University of Technology (SCUT).

Established in January 2008, SCET was combined by the former Department of Civil Engineering and College of Traffic and Communications. As one of the dynamic sub-discipline schools, our mission is to build an extraordinary education base for training next-generation engineers. We offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in civil engineering, transportation engineering, mechanics, naval and ocean engineering, and hydrological engineering. Going beyond the classroom, our school has a close connection with industry partners, local government, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With domestic resources and international collaborations, SCET presents our students with cutting-edge research opportunities, a first-class curriculum, and internships.

Today, civil engineering still has a central role to play in shaping the future of our society and our nation. SCET strives to build a comfortable and positive learning environment for our students where they prepare themselves to face emerging challenging issues of sustainability, intelligence, and resilience in modern civil engineering. Through classrooms and labs, SCET equips our students with critical thinking, engineering fundamentals, problem-solving skills, stewardship, leadership, and global perspectives. This enables them to work within and across disciplines to tackle problems in shortage of natural resources, climate change, rapid urbanization, natural hazards, and aging infrastructure. No matter whether our students choose the construction industry or have alternative career plans. We are ready to help them.

SCET is a large and comprehensive civil engineering school with an excellent reputation, with a rank among the top 20 in China and top 100 worldwide. Our school attracts the brightest students and world-class faculty, and graduates are in high demand in the Greater Bay Area, in China, and around the world. Currently, our school has a total of 219 full-time dedicated and capable faculty and staff, more than 3000 students. A large group of international students studies civil engineering at our university. In spite of the challenging circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcome scholars out of China to visit, offer short-term courses, mentor our students, and collaborate with our faculty members. Guangzhou and the Greater Bay Area will be an ideal place for you to study and work.

Our administrative team is enthusiastic about the future outlook and the position of our school. During the past year, we witnessed a record-high number of funded projects, a large group of incoming students, and over 10 tenure-track faculty hires. We believe SCET will achieve great accomplishments in teaching, research, and public service in the years to come. Please enjoy your visit to the website of our school to explore more about our research, our faculty, and the latest news and events happening.




Wu Bo, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean