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CCTE Experiment Center

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Construction Management

Department of Engineering Mechanics

Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Department of Road Engineering

Department of Transportation Engineering

Department of Hydraulic Engineering

School Administration Office

Research Organization:

Civil Engineering and Transportation Test Center

Civil Engineering Research Institute

Engineering Material Behavior Research Institute

Engineering Structure and Hazards Prevention Research Institute

Guangdong Intelligent Traffic Information and Control Engineering Technology Research Center

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

Intelligent Transportation System and Logistics Technology Research Institute

Metro Protection Research Institute

Modern Road Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Universities

Modern Traffic Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong University

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Research Institute

Research Center of Engineering Technology for Advanced Aerospace Materials and Structures of Guangdong Province

Research Center of Urban Habitat and Infrastructure Development

Research Institute of Construction Economics and Real Estate

Road Engineering Research Institute

SCUT Road Engineering Research Institute

Subtropical Road Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province

Tall Building Structure Research Institute

Training Organization:

Guangdong Provincial Transportation Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

Guangdong Provincial Transportation Engineering Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center

National Intelligent Transportation Technology Training Network – Guangzhou Center

SCUT Continuing Education Center for Class I Registered Professional Engineer of Municipal Public Engineering