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School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET) and Guangdong Longzhou Construction Engineering Co.Ltd. signed a university-enterprise collaborative development agreement
Young teachers from the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering guided students to achieve good results in the 2021 National Marine Industry CAE Software -Numerical Tank Application Competition
Graduate Student Mr. Shaowei Zhang Received the “He Jingtang Science and Technology Innovation Award”
Professor Liu Yiping from School of Civil Engineering and Transportation won the "Xu Zhilun Outstanding Teachers Award of The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2021"
School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, Guangzhou Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. holds university-enterprise industry-university-research cooperation and exchange activities
School of Civil Engineering and Transportation Signed the Cooperative Development Agreement with Guangzhou Pearl-river Foreign-funded Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Our students won great achievements in the National Invitational Competition of Real Estate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Universities again
"Truth-seeking and Ambition-inspiring": the Party Branch of the Department of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering and the Department of Construction Management conduct an online science lecture with Guangxi Guilin Longsheng Town Primary School
Prof. Xiaoning Zhang Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Transportation Research Congress (TRC)
Joint Seminar on Seismic Design between the School of Civil Engineering and Transportationand Arup
Ms. Li Xiaochen won the third prize in the Union of Excellent Universities Innovation Competition for College Teachers
Inauguration Ceremony of Research Cooperation between School of Civil Engineering and Transportation of South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Transportation Project Management Centre
The First Guangdong Intelligent Water Affairs Innovation Competition - Guanghuiyuan Cup Rematch was Successfully Held in Our College
Transportation Major Undergoes on-site Inspection for Engineering Education Professional Accreditation