School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET) and Guangdong Longzhou Construction Engineering Co.Ltd. signed a university-enterprise collaborative development agreement
time: 2022-01-18

In the afternoon of January 14, 2022, Secretary Zheng Cunhui, associate dean Chen Jun, Professor Pan Jianrong, and deputy director Zeng Hui went to Guangdong Longzhou Construction Engineering Co.Ltd. (GLCE) to discuss a strategical university-enterprise collaborative development agreement. Chairman Lin Shaozheng of GLCE Co.Ltd. welcomed the arrival of the SCET’s administrative leaders and faculty members. He thoroughly introduced the history of the company and its engineering practicesin recent years, and also expressed the demand of his enterprise for frontier research findings and outstanding graduates from SCET. He hopes that the collaboration between SCET and GLCE can build a mutual benefit for the common development on both sides.

Secretary Zheng thenintroduced the school's educational programsand recent developments and expressed his high expectation to collaborate with GLCE.

Meeting snapshot 

After the meeting, Chairman Lin gave Secretary Zheng and the rest of the visitors a tour of three ongoing construction sites such as the Zhenhua project and discussed some engineering issues arising from the site.

Construction site visit

Finally, Secretary Zheng and Chairman Lin signed the agreement, making the official establishment of a practical center for students, scientific and technological development.


Signed the Industry-university-Research Cooperation Agreement 

Note: Guangdong Longzhou Construction Engineering Co.Ltd. was established on August 15, 2017, with a registered capital of RMB 12.8 million, which is a large comprehensive construction enterprise integrating civil engineering, municipal engineering, steel structure engineering, foundation, and base engineering and decoration engineering.