"Truth-seeking and Ambition-inspiring": the Party Branch of the Department of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering and the Department of Construction Management conduct an online science lecture with Guangxi Guilin Longsheng Town Primary School
time: 2021-11-14

Guided by the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, in order to highlight the original intention of serving the country through education, actively respond to the national call to support the development of the west, promote the spirit of science, and bring the frontiers of science and knowledge to the teaching schools, the Party Branch of the Department of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering and the Department of Construction Management conducted an online science lecture on Truth-seeking and Ambition-inspiring with Guangxi Guilin Longsheng Town Primary School in the afternoon of November 10th, for more than 260 primary school students in 5 classes to enjoy the charm of science in civil engineering, hydropower engineering and other majors.




Fig.1 Science online lecture site

Through the organization of Huang Wenwei and Tian Tian from the party branch and Liang Jingmei from the postgraduate teaching group of South China University of Technology, all the fourth grade students of Longsheng Town Primary School participated in this online science lecture. The lecture was given by three teachers, Cheng Xiangju, Yan Hui and Deng Yichuan. The themes were Flood and Water Pollution, A Little Thinking and Inspiration of Digital Architecture and Let Curiosity Take Us to the Wonderful Realm of Intelligent Construction.

Fig.2 Members from the party branch are giving the lecture

Cheng Xiangju used the 3D map to introduce the Xunjiang near the primary school and the path of Guilin Lijiang into Zhujiang, and used the adapted poem You live at the head of the Xijiang, I live at the end of the Xijiang. I miss you every day, and drink the water of the Xijiang. to explain that although Guilin and Guangzhou are 500 kilometers apart in space, the same river connects two sites together. Scientific knowledge such as river governance, water landscape optimization, and hydrological big data can play a better role. Yan Hui introduced the progress of social development and the changes in the living space of human beings. The traditional architecture means that engineers plan, design and then build the house. But the era of Industry 4.0 is more digital and intelligent. In the era of vigorous development of the digital economy, the concept of digital architecture that combines human thought, physical architecture and modern scientific and modern technology represented by digital technology, has emerged. Nation-loving, Ambition-inspiring, Truth-seeking, Acting decisively encourages everyone to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and prepare for the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of China. Deng Yichuan demonstrated the application of computer vision in life, construction, etc. through easy-to-understand metaphors in life and interspersed interesting videos. He used animal images to intuitively represent the development of machine learning, ubiquitous perception and knowledge map, inspiring students' curiosity and interest in intelligent construction. At the same time, he used the example of himself to encourage students to learn more, see more and listen more, and let curiosity drive themselves to discover, think and create. At the end of the activity, students gave a sincere and warm applause to the lecture.

This online lecture spread scientific knowledge such as hydraulic, digital architecture and intelligent construction to primary school students in Longsheng Town, and stimulated their curiosity and imagination. This lecture is an attempt by the party building of the water conservancy and engineering management party branch to lead the growth of young students. In the future, the party branch will closely contact and communicate with teachers from Longsheng Town Primary School, and continue to provide exciting and interesting scientific online lectures for primary school students. We hope that under the inspiration and guidance of popular science, children will ignite the spark of scientific dreams and join the wave of the era for a strong country in science and technology!