(Lecture, Sep 21) Sustainability in Construction
time: 2018-09-14

Title: Sustainability in Construction

Time:Friday, Sep 21, 10:10-11:30

Venue:Conference Room 201, Building NO.7, Wushan Campus

Speaker: Professor Vivian W. Y. Tam (Western Sydney University, Australia)

Welcome all the teachers and students to attend this lecture!

Speaker Introduction:

Professor Vivian W. Y. Tam is the Associate Dean (International) at School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University, Australia and Honorary Professor at College of Civil Engineering, Shenzhen University, China. She received her Ph.D. in sustainable construction from the Department of Building and Construction at City University of Hong Kong in 2005. Her research interests are in the areas of environmental management in construction and sustainable development. She is currently the Editor of International Journal of Construction Management. She has published over 3 books, 19 book chapters, 215 referred journal articles and 115 referred conference articles. She has been awarded thirty-four research grants (totalled AU$2.4 million), including the first Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects, awarded under FoR 1202 (Building).


Lecture introduction:

This presentation will be an overview of my research under Sustainability in Construction. Four main projects will be discussed:

(1) Carbon footprint reduction toolkit;

(2) Energy-related occupant behavior in green and non-green rated building;

(3) Life cycle cost and carbon emissions model for green building;

(4) Establishing affordable sustainable neighborhoods though prefabricated modular design.