Hydrology and Water Resources Management
time: 2022-01-01

The main research areas of hydrology and water resources management at the South China University of Technology include flood and drought prevention, water ecology and water environment, water conservancy engineering safety and smart water affairs. Concentrating on these four areas, the faculty members closely meet the needs of national development and have developed a number of advantages of technology, including sponge city construction, black-odor water treatment, flood control, regional water resources protection, urban water affairs, smart water conservancy projects and other aspects. Abundant accomplishments have been achieved about theory and application of sponge city construction, urban flooding and waterlogging early warning and forecasting, urban black-odor water treatment and ecology management, hydraulic geotechnics and dam engineering, and smart water technology and application.


     Flood control and drainage planning                                          Numerical simulation of Urban flood


     Numerical simulation of water quality                                       Spatial prediction of rainstorm


Concept design of sponge city

Collection and application of hydrological data based on multi-source and multi-base