Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
time: 2022-01-01

1. Design and development of high-end equipment for high-tech ship and marine engineering

Mr. Yang Qiwu's team presided over the ship type development of  Navigation Beacon Working Ship Series  and the design of the whole ship. The main ship types adopt advanced technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicle cabin and dynamic positioning system, and some ship types are the first ones in China.



2. New simulation and evaluation technology of extreme hydrodynamic conditions in marine engineering and military civilian integration

Professor Zhu Liangsheng, a leader of the research team of marine engineering environment and resource development, proposed numerical simulation methods of extreme waves and storm surges, the composite extreme value method, the calculation theory, and method of the return period value of extreme environmental conditions in marine engineering, and the military-civilian integration application of extreme hydrodynamic environmental assessment system technology in marine engineering.


3. Research and development of high-tech equipment and commercial equipment for cable remote control underwater vehicle system

Professor Wu Jiaming developed multi-degree-of-freedom water-jet propulsion with cable remote-controlled underwater robot, vertical heading-stabilized steerable underwater towed body, laser-induced fluorescence detection system underwater composite measurement towed body platform, etc., which have commercial development prospects Prototypes with high-tech features are currently undergoing related industrialization promotion work.


4. Research and development of high-end equipment for marine wind energy utilization

Professor Chen Chaohe led the design and construction team of ship and offshore engineering structures and made a lot of creative work in the R & D, design and experiment of high-end equipment for marine wind energy utilization. The results of this project have been applied and demonstrated in the oceanic regions of Guangdong Province. It is expected to build China’s first offshore floating wind power generation system demonstration project.

5. Research and development of wave energy power generation device

In view of the resource characteristics of low wave energy density in China's coastal areas, Professor Ye Jiawei led the marine engineering intelligent equipment team to put forward the pendulum oscillating float scheme based on the layout of independent innovative floating array. Under the same rated installed capacity, this mode can effectively reduce the project cost by about 30%, and realize the key technologies such as remote floating state control and remote wireless data transmission for wave power generation device for the first time, improving the intelligent and unmanned level of the system.