Research Center of Engineering Technology for Advanced Aerospace Materials and Structures of Guangdong Province
time: 2022-01-01

The research center of engineering technology for advanced aerospace materials and structures of Guangdong province focuses on the problems in the fields of advanced materials and key structure for aerospace applications, which aims to promote the developments of aviation and other novel strategic industries in Guangdong Province. The center has 34 research staffs and about 70 doctoral and master students.

The research center have the following main research directions: 1) the key problems of low cost domestic composite materials and structures of aircrafts; 2) the dynamic technologies of advanced aerospace materials and structures; 3) the stability and multi-field coupling analyses of the complex structures of aircrafts.

In recently years, the center has obtained fruitful research results in the field of aerospace, including the bird hits on windshield of aircrafts, the aircraft falling shock, the evaluation and maintenance of low velocity impact damages of composite sandwich structures, the sloshing of aircraft fuel tank, the ejection escape system of fighter planes, the stability of aircraft wings with high aspect ratios. The work provides valuable advices to aviation industries and have been applied in the developments and manufactures of fighter planes, unmanned aerial vehicles and utility aircrafts.

Contact:Luo Wenjie

Tel: +86 (0)20 87111137