Modern Road Engineering Technology Research Center
time: 2022-01-01

The Modern Road Engineering Technology Research Center was built relying on South China University of Technology (Civil and Traffic College) by Guangdong education department in 2009.

The main construction contents of Engineering Research Center include: pavement materials design and its application technology studies, structure design theory for prolong pavement service life and its application technology studies, express way landscape and environment technology studies, and so on. Combined with the actual needs of the province's road industry technology at this stage, Engineering Research Center will focus on the construction of two experimental bases: one is industrial computed tomography laboratory (ICT), for the purpose to design high quality pavement materials which satisfy the demand of large traffic so that develop modern material design methods and technology way. Another is ‘full scale test of rough’ of the road surface, it provides enough full scale test simulate design, performance evaluation test, so that we can obtain the way to design full scale test which analog the construction of the road surface.

The Engineering Research Center bases on the road engineering research institute and the road lab of South China University of technology. The center is run by the technology committee of South China University through the center director responsibility system. There are one director, two vice directors, thirty core members in which of them are five professors, six associate professors and seventeen of them have doctor degrees. The engineering research center has 2000m2 experiment site, half of them are used for engineering experiment. The value of the laboratory apparatus is beyond 3000rmb and 35 among them are worth 100,000rmb which cost almost 20,000,000rmb in total.

Since establishedERC successively undertook 20 national scientific research projects which include science and technology development support programs of Ministry of  Science and Technology, science and technology programs of Ministry of Transportation and NSFC,70 local government and enterprise unit projects. During those projects, the Engineering Research Center obtained school scientific research funds 33040000rmb in total include longitudinal research funding (National and Ministries and Commissions of the State Council funding 3780000rmb, National natural scientific funding 7450000rmb, local government projects funding 6150000rmb.)

Meanwhile, the Engineering Research Center also made many creative scientific research achievements. First, obtain 6 scientific research award that provincial and ministerial level or above in which there are 1 National Science and technology progress award level two,2 provincial and ministerial progress award level two. Secondly, publish 2 education works. Thirdly, obtain 17 licensed patent include invention patents and 8 application patents. What’s more, the Engineering Research Center even publish about 200 high level academic reports,84 of them has been recruited by the three most famous index.

According to the Guangdong education department’s building goals about strengthening the scientific and technological innovation capacity construction of  ordinary universities in Guangdong province, improving the science and technology innovation system of universities, strengthening the social service function of  universities, taking the opportunity of devoting great efforts to pushing comprehensive traffic infrastructure construction during the 'eleventh five year plan', ERC takes full advantage of its own scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation to provide technical services and technical achievements transformation for the high-grade highway construction in Guangdong province and even the whole country, to cultivate technical personnel which is very needed in the industry. While ERC constantly improves its own innovation capacity and system of science and technology at the same time.

Diretor: Yu Jiangmiao

Tel: 87111030-3623