Key Laboratory of Wind Engineering of Guangdong Higher Education Institutes
time: 2022-01-01

Key laboratory of Wind Engineering of Guangdong Higher Education Institutes, whose total area is 1500 m2, was established in December, 2011. It covers three main research methods of Wind Engineering. They are atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel which width is about 5 meters, Numerical wind tunnel consisted by 64-core assemble computer system and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, and full-scale measurement base of wind effects on building. Besides, there are many advanced software and equipment in this laboratory. It includes 17 international advanced instrument and equipment. The total price reaches up to 9.0 million yuan, in which 2 equipment costs up to 300,000 yuan.

Base on the fact of frequently occurring typhoon in southern area, our laboratory has gradually formed a research platform which contains wind tunnel test, numerical simulation and full-scale measurement in the respects of wind-resistant studies on super high-rise building, large space structure and super large-span bridge. Our researches are closely related to national and social great demand on economic development. To further improve wind-resistant performance in wind-sensitive structures and wind-resistant design level, we make effort to discover and solve great scientific and technological problems in the field of disaster prevention and reduction, and apply the research results into practical projects. The major research direction includes:

(1) Strong wind characteristic near ground, full-scale measurement on wind-induced response, health monitoring on complex engineering structure.

(2) Wind-resistant theory and method for super high-rise building and large-span bridge.

(3) Wind-induced response, failure mechanism and control for large scale transmission tower and wind power equipment.

(4) Prediction of wind-induced damage and evaluation of risk.

There are 13 permanent staffs in our research team which includes 2 Yangtze River scholar professors and 6 professors. Now, Prof. Su is the chairman and Prof. Gu is the consult of discipline development.

With the leading and support of South China University of Technology, our laboratory will be built and developed as a research and engineering application base which is domestic first-class and has great international influence. 

To effectively improve the level of prediction and response to wind-induced damage and to further expand post-damage reconstruction capabilities in Guangdong province, we aim at making the level of wind tunnel test on building model be the first-class in China, and obtaining more competitiveness in wind engineering consulting projects in large scale civil engineering structures than that of domestic famous universities and international well-known companies. We believe in our laboratory can make great contribution to economic development for Guangdong province and even for China.

Director: Shi Biqing


Fig.1 Wind engineering consulting projects in supertall buildings with height over 400m