Modern Traffic Engineering Technology R & D Center in Guangzhou Institute of Modern Industrial Technology
time: 2022-01-01

Modern Traffic Engineering Technology R & D Center is a high-tech research and development base for ITS product development, systems integration and technical Solutions. With the core of cooperation and the key point of product development, the center expands field research and the development of corresponding products in urban traffic signal coordinated control technology, traffic intelligent control technology under the vehicle networking, the signal control software and hardware development, urban ITS common information platform design, traffic signal acquisition device development, modeling and simulation of transportation system, feasibility study of project implementation and the corresponding engineering and construction management, the balance analysis and security management of traffic flow, driving safety technology, etc.

The center has a R & D team composed of multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary researchers, led by the domestic well-known professor of Xu Jian-min, composed of Six professors, five associate professors, seven lecturers and more than forty doctoral and master’s. This team has undertaken more than 70 research projects, including the National Ten-Five Year Research Project, National 863 Projects, The Natural Natural Science Foundation of China, Cross Century Talent Fund of The Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province Major Scientific And Technological Projects, and has won eight items of the provincial and ministerial level scientific research, seven items of appraisal projects above the provincial level, and nearly 500 high-level academic papers, of which more than 200 papers were included in the three major indexes. Until July 2015, there has awarded two patents of inventions, five utility model patents, and six software copyrights. The research center has formed the series of leading products with the core competitiveness of Intelligent traffic signal control technology, intelligent transportation information detection technology, intelligent vehicle information analysis technology, and as the leading of independent intellectual property rights.

Center Director: Lu Kai

Tel: +86 13316101357