Department of Hydraulic Engineering
time: 2022-01-01

The Department of Hydraulic Engineering (DHE) is one of the six departments which were set in 1952 when South China University of Technology (SCUT) was established. It belongs to School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET), SCUT. DHE aims at advances in water science, and plans to achieve the leading place in the hydraulic engineering field in South China, becoming one of the high-level creative talent cultivation bases of hydraulic engineering nationwide.

DHE now has six research areas, including theoretical and applied sponge city construction, urban flooding and forecasting, water quality treatment and hydro-ecology management, dam construction technology of hydraulic engineering, typhoon wave calculation and related technology, smart water science and technology.

Up to now, there are altogether more than 30 teachers in DHE, with 12 professors and 15 associate professors, all of whom have Ph.D. degree. They come from Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Hohai University and so on. Most of them are young and middle-age teachers.

DHE relies on the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science, the Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Safety and Greenization for Water Conservancy Project, and the experiment center for SCET. It gains plenty of research achievement. In the recent five years, there are more than 30 national projects and more than 50 ministerial and provincial-level projects, as well as six international cooperation projects and so on. The overall fund has exceeded 60 million yuan. The teachers in DHE have now published more than 300 academic papers, among which more than 100 papers are Science Citation Indexed and six are highly cited ones based on the Essential Science Indicator. More than 30 patents for invention are authorized and are widely applied in multiple fields. Moreover, DHE gains more than 10 prizes including, but not limited to, the First Prize of Technological Invention of Guangdong Province, Second Prize of Science and Technology of Jiangxi Province, Second Prize of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology.

Regarding talent cultivation, DHE emphasizes manage of basic specialized knowledges and operational capacity. It has already cultivated more than 3000 talents in hydraulic engineering. The graduates have a broad career prospect and the employment rate has close to 100%. Also, DHE pays attention to society services and devote to building production-research cooperation with companies.

Contact: Prof. Cheng Xiangju