Test Center of Civil and Transportation Engineering
time: 2022-01-01

The department of Civil and Transportation Test Center was founded in December 2008, approved of South China University of Technology (SCUT) to serve the society of testing institutions. In September 2009, the Test Center obtained “Measurement Authentication Certificate” issued by Quality and Technical Supervision of Guangdong Province. In July 2018, it passed through review and continued to have Measurement Authentication Certificate(Certificate number: 201819123009, expire on 24 July, 2024).

There are five testing departments, such as building material, building structure, road engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, traffic safety. The detection scopes are: concrete structure materials, mortar materials, metal materials, pipe material and accessories, road and bridge, bridge components, road engineering, geotechnical, steel structure, engineering monitoring, building structure, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, which has up to two fields, 22 categories and 865 parameters. The test center has 87 employees and testing staff. Among them of 63 employees obtain high or medium-grade professional title. There are about 400 testing equipments valued for 20 million yuan, and 2000 square meters available for testing.

According to lab aptitude assessment criteria issued by State Certification and Accreditation, a series of documents with high quanlity guarantee made by test center will follow the mission of “Fair, Scientific, Accurate and Fast. Test Center strictly implements national and industry standards and norms, adheres to the quality policy to have quality system normal operation, in order to achieve the quality objectives by effective controlling the testing quality, and ensure the engineering quality and safety.

The Test Center constantly have improvement and development in practice in recent years. Relying on the advantage subject of civil and transportation of university, the testing ability of the whole test center have improved, further project have expanded, and testing effectiveness for society are constantly rising, which makes contribution to the development of Southern China civil (construction) and the transportation infrastructure construction quality inspection and Guangdong construction and transportation enterprise.