Mechanics Experiment Center
time: 2022-01-01

The main task of the Mechanics Experiment Center in South China University of Technology (SCUTis held responsible for the basic experiment teaching for nearly 2000 undergraduates majoring in engineering in the whole school, and the professional experiment teaching for the undergraduates majoring in mechanics and graduates majoring in solid mechanics. In addition to finishing the teaching task, the center also positively shoulders the relevant scientific researches and engineering projects, and provides the technical supports for civil engineering, transportation engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

The center, with the existing area over 1000 square meters, is located in No.10 building in the campus, whose predecessor was Materials Laboratory belonging to Department of Civil Engineering founded in 1950, which was one of the oldest teaching laboratories in SCUT, and was renamed Mechanics Experiment Center in 1976. With the joint cooperation education between SCUT and Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation, the Faculty of Transportation was founded in 1995, and then the Mechanics Experiment Center belonged to the Faculty of Transportation. In the assessment of the basic laboratories among the colleges and universities in Guangdong Province in 1995, the Mechanics Experiment Center took the lead to pass the assessment. In order to accelerate the development of the laboratory, SCUT established 10 basic laboratory centers in 1999, in which the university-faculty double management system and the head responsibility system were in practice. Since then the Mechanics Experiment Center had become one of the 10 basic laboratory centers. The founder of Experiment Teaching Center clarified more deeply the relation between teaching and experiment, stabilized and enriched the experiment teaching team from the point of organization and institution and improved the quality of experiment teaching.

Under the construction of 211 and 985 project, the undergraduate teaching condition in the Mechanics Experiment Center has been significantly improved. At present, the center owns the assets of nearly 4 million and 389 pieces of equipment, and can offer nearly 50 different types of mechanical tests such as mechanical properties of materials tests, vibration tests, photometric mechanical tests and electrical mechanical tests, and has provided more than 20 types of mechanical tests for early 2,000 students with 26 different undergraduate majors. There are five staffs in the center, among them three full-time experiment teachers, one part-time experiment teachers, and one rehire teachers.

Contact: Professor Han, Qiang 

Tel: +86 (0)20 87112654