Zhengrong Jiang
time: 2017-04-25


Zhengrong Jiang


Research direction: Long-span spatial structures, Steel structures
Zheng-rong Jiang, male and born in September 1971, comes from Yancheng city in Jiangsu province, PRC.
From April 1999 to now, as a teacher of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation in South China University of Technology (SCUT), he was promoted to the lecturer in April 2001, and obtained PhD in June 2008 and became an associate professor in September 2010. Meanwhile, he has been an tutor of the postgraduate students from September 2003.
He teaches many courses, such as “Basic Principle of Steel Structures”, “Design of Steel Structures”, “CAD of Engineering Structures”, “Architectural Design” and “Building Structures” for the underguaduate students, and “Advanced Steel Structures”, “Theory of Structural Stability”, “Long-span Spaftial Structures” for the postgraduate students of civil engineering. Besides, he offers guidance of the graduation project to the undergraduate students. During the past five years, as the first author, he has published more than twenty theses, participated in compiling two academic monographs, presided over and attended more than thirty scientific research projects.
He has been engaged in teaching and research work of tall building steel structures and long-span spatial structures since 1999, including theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, experimental research and engineering practice of these two kinds of structures. In addition, he designed a lot of large projects, for instance, “The Steel Roof of Shenzhen Baoan Stadium”, “The Steel Roof of Shenzhen Yantian Comprehensive Gymnasium” and “The Steel Roof of Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center” etc.
He also took part in the research work of “Node test of Guangzhou Opera”, “Construction Monitoring and Simulation Analysis of Guangdong Science Center”, and “Construction Technology Innovation Research of Tall Building Steel-concrete Composite Structure” etc.