Wei Feng
time: 2017-04-25


Wei Feng
Ph.D., Structural Engineering, Chongqing University, 2005
  Associate professor; Associate head, Department of Civil Engineering; Associate head, Lab of  Earthquake Simulation Shaking-table
Phone: +86-20-22236519
E-mail: ctfwei@scut.edu.cn
Address: School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China 510640
Research Areas:
Structure earthquake-resistance and design theory, Composite stuctures, Test of Structure Models on Shaking-table, Construction control and health monitoring of sturctures
  Design Principles of Concrete Sturctrues, Design of Concrete Sturctrues, Earthquake-resistance and Disaster-resistance of Structrues, Existing Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation
Selected Publications:
[1] Wei Feng, Lei Xin, Bai Shaoliang. Studies on R-μ-T law of reinforced concrete structures with practical hysteretic model. China Science Paper, 2012, 7(5): 347-352.
  [2] Wei Feng, Liu Gang, Wang Xiaofeng, Zhu Aiping, Fu Jianping. Inelastic Seismic Response of RC Frame Structures Reinforced with HRB500 Steel Bars. Journal of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, 2011, 33(2): 12-17.
  [3] Feng Wei, Michael C H Yam, K F Chung, Gilbert Y Grondin. Test on Block Shear of Coped Beams with a Welded End Connection. Journal of Constructional Steel Research,2010, 66(11): 1398-1410
  [4] Michael C H Yam, Gilbert Y Grondin, Feng Wei, K F Chung. Design for Block Shear of Coped Beams with a Welded End Connection. Journal of Structural Engineering,ASCE, August, 2011, 137(8): 811-821.
  [5] Fu Jianping, Pi Tianxiang, Wei Feng, Chen Wenke, Bai Shaoliang. Experimental study on seismic behaviors of small-aspect-ratio coupling beams in RC structural walls proportioned with combined slanting reinforcements. China Civil Engineering Journal,2011, 44(2): 57-64.
  [6] Sun Weiwei, Wei Feng. Numerical investigation of the effects of connection rotational stiffness on block shear capacity of coped beams with a welded end connection. International Journal of Steel Structures, v 11, n 3, p 325-333, September 2011.
  [7] Wei Feng, Chen Wenke, Fu Jianping, Bai Shaoliang. Seismic Behaviors of Frames in Frame-wall Structures under Rare Earthquake on the Zone of Foritification Intensity 8 in China. Journal of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, 2009, 31(6): 60-65.
  [8] Wei Feng, Li Yingmin, Fu Jianping, Bai Shaoliang. Verification of Earthquake-Resistant Control effects of General Reinforced Concrete Frames in China. China Civil Engineering Journal,2008, 41(4): 8-16.
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