Pan Jian
time: 2017-04-25


Pan Jian


Specialty: Geotechnical Engineering
Research Interests: underground engineering design and safety assessment
Pan Jian, male, born on November in 1963,  Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province.
July 1984,I  graduated from South China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering,and then stayed on to teach . In June 1989 and June 2008  I were awarded the South China University of Structural Engineering Master of Engineering and a doctorate.In 1990 I was named as lecturer,and in 1998 September I was promoted to associate professor. I currently serve as  executive director of Guangdong Water Resources Institute, the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics Water Resources Committee, and Guangdong Provincial  Institute of  underground  civil construction  workscommittee. In  2003 ,I made  the first national  civil (geotechnical)  qualified  registered  engineer.
I have taught building codes, water conservancy Introduction, soil mechanics,foundation engineering,  risk assessment of geotechnical engineering and advanced soil mechanics etc.I also attend the graduation design guidance,production practice and guide undergraduate students to participate in research activities.At the same time, I am the main courseparticipants of the colonel-level quality undergraduate soil mechanics .I received two awards of   undergraduate teaching materials and published five undergraduate teaching  papers as an independent author.I was the owner of "Southern light Award" of outstanding teachers and got second  prize and third prize of outstanding teaching Award. Since 1999, I have been continuously enrolled total 23 Tenth Master, of whom 15 have graduated.
The past five years I have participated in a total of 12 research projects, the total funding for 1.24 million yuan,including participation of the National Natural Science Foundation and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province.I also presided over a number of horizontal cooperation projects, such as Guangzhou Metro Line 5 Hill Station civil works, the Guangzhou Metro Line Xiaoguwei station, and Shantou City excavation river dike reinforcement training compliance projects.The main research work at home and abroad to learn advanced technology and computational methods, combined with the geotechnical engineering design and construction practices, has piled raft foundation for the optimization design,liquefaction methods and determine the reliability of the nature of the helical pilesmore in-depth analysis of these questions get some preliminary understanding.Published together with the graduate research papers 35, including the core sourcepublications and statistics, 18 papers, 8 papers were indexed by EI. Present mainlyin Guangzhou and the surrounding area some of the underground works ofunderground design and construction project engineering design and safetyassessment.
Tel: 13760714788