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 With precise knowledge pursuit, the school eminent spirit of comity and factualism has come into being. SCUT sticks to its educational guideline of "emphasizing moral character, building well-grounded base, strengthening ability and cultivating comprehensive adaptability". And this guideline has helped cultivating exclusive technological and management talents that are welcomed to the society.

Facing the new century, the school will take discipline constructions as pre-requisite, regard individual as its roots, consider talent cultivation as its ultimate aim and highlight technological pursuit. The school intends to enlarge and extend its scale and realize the coordinated development of its scale, structure, quality and benefit. The School is actively engaged in academic exchanges and collaborations with both domestic and overseas institutions and universities and have established cooperation relations with the University of Maryland, Oregon State University, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, Osaka University and other universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan etc. The School has invited distinguished scholars and experts from more than 20 countries to offer lectures to the School. About 15 of them have been appointed as Chair Professors, Honorary Professors, Adjunct Professors or Guest Professors of the School. A number of faculties of the School have gone abroad to continue advanced studies, perform collaborative researches, and attend international conferences.

Recently the School has also organized/co-organized a number of national and international academic conferences. The school accelerates its education reform by gearing the university from multidiscipline-oriented to integration-oriented, from teaching research-oriented to research-oriented, and from partial open form to completely open form, so as to build the school and the University into a top-ranking State university and a famous world-class university.


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Campany visited the school, Jun. 2009