Campus Life

Student Organizations

CYLC SCUT Committee

The Chinese Communist Youth League SCUT Committee, a mass organization of progressive youth, is under the direct leadership of CPC SCUT Committee and acts on the call of the latter. At different stages of the development of SCUT, the League has been focusing on the central missions of the university, and it plays a special and important role in the development of the university.

The committee has initiated a large number of ideological education activities and established the 100 Steps website and the Centurial Youth website. In recent years, it has framed an activities schedule that includes one festival, two competitions and two activity projects. It has launched a great many high-tech and high-brow cultural campus activities and made lots of remarkable achievements.

SCUT Student Union

SCUT Student Union (SCUT SU) is a student mass organization under the leadership of CPC SCUT Committee and Guangdong Student Association, and the direction of SCUT Youth League Committee. It is the longest-standing, best-managed, and most energetic student organization in SCUT.  

Student-oriented SU has organized a variety of campus cultural activities since its establishment. It leads and collaborates with its school-level branches under the guidance of the Four S Spirits – self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-discipline. It is a bridge between SCUT students and the University. The activities it has organized are instructive and colorful earning great popularity on the campus. SU is truly an organization from the students and for the students. It has found a novel way of educating for all-round development with SCUT characteristics.

SCUT Graduate Union

SCUT Graduate Union (SCUT GU) is a graduate-oriented student organization, under the leadership of CPC SCUT Committee and Guangdong Student Association, and the direction of SCUT Graduate School, Graduate Affairs Office of CPC SCUT Committee, and SCUT Youth League Committee. As a member of the Guangdong Student Association presidium, it is directly led by SCUT Graduate Youth League Committee.  

GU believes in heartfelt service and common progress. Holding GU walks with you as its slogan, it pursues an efficient and pragmatic working mechanism and calls for innovative and excellence-oriented spirits. It has organized a large number of academics, culture, sports and social practice activities. It has provided SCUT graduates with chances and opportunities to show their talents. GU has put forward a series of featured activities. Its tremendous influence has even spread to the entire South China region.

SCUT Union of Social Groups for Students

Union of Social Groups for Students (USGS) is a school-wide student organization. Under the direct leadership of SCUT Youth League Committee, USGS has organized various activities which widen the students' eyesight and provide them with opportunities to show and improve their talents. 

USGS, directed by CPC SCUT Committee, is a joint organization of the University's student social groups (SSGs). It has administrative oversight of SSGs and is a strong advocate of their self-education, self-management and self-service. It provides positive supports and useful suggestions for the construction of SSGs, facilitating the development and prosperity of the university's campus culture.

International Cultural Exchange Association, Guangzhou International Campus

International Cultural Exchange Association, Guangzhou International Campus(GZIC ICEA) is a student organization under the leadership of SCUT Youth League Committee and the guidance of Office of International Affairs, Guangzhou International Campus, SCUT. 

GZIC ICEA aims to promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchange in SCUT through diversified cultural activities, as well as to provide volunteer services for foreign teachers and students. It also provides platforms and opportunities for students to show off their abilities and to develop personal intercultural communicative competence. 

Contact: Ms. Cai, QQ:2447379329; Wechat: cheeul18

One-hundred-steps Innovative Center for Students

One-hundred-steps Innovative Center for Students, instructed by SCUT Youth League Committee, is a school-level student organization, providing the students with campus information and internet services. 

The Center has many sub-sites including the online identification system of the Quality Development Program for Undergraduates, the official website of the 8th Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Extra-curricular Academic, Scientific and Technological Achievements Competition, and Top-speed Music. It has developed its own news management system, FTP search engine, and online trade platform.

Besides, it has successfully live broadcast many large-scale activities. As one of the most renowned national undergraduate websites, it has received a large number of awards, such as the Star National Students Website, Top Ten National College Student Websites, and Top Ten Guangdong College Student Websites, to name just a few.  

SCUT Women Committee for Students

SCUT Women Committee for Students (WCS) is a student mass organization, under the leadership of CPC SCUT Committee and superior women union organizations and the direction of SCUT Youth League Committee. 

WCS, established on March 14, 2006, focuses on the central missions of the university and devotes itself to promoting women students' general competence and competitive abilities. Working on the principle of self-education, self-management and self-service, WCS serves women students with great sincerity. With consistent efforts from top to bottom, WCS has become a progressive, harmonious and featured school-level organization full of innovative senses. It provides a platform for students who are willing to serve the women students and to promote themselves.

SCUT Student Reporters Corps

SCUT Student Reporters Corps (SRC) is a student organization instructed by Publicizing Division, CPC SCUT Committee and the direction of SCUT Youth League Committee. Its main mission is to promote the university and to enhance its social reputation. SRC believes in More truth, greater efficiency and higher proficiency. It is vigorous, young and harmonious. Young people here are energetic and enthusiastic. They share common interests and grow together in the big warm family.

SCUT Youth Volunteers Advisory Center

Youth Volunteers Advisory Center (YVAC), committed to Dedication, Friendship, Mutual Help and Progress, advocates the dedicative spirit of volunteer service by  organizing various society-oriented volunteer activities, thus raising students' awareness of social responsibility and promoting their overall competence. YVAC calls for its basic volunteer service groups at school level to take flexible and autonomic actions, to build service bases, and to set up featured service programs to meet the demand from the students.