South China University of Technology held a video conference with Lancaster University

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On July 30th, Li Weiqing, Vice President of SCUT, held a video conference on extending bilateral cooperation with Simon Guy, Vice President of Lancaster University.

Video conference

Li Weiqing first briefed the development layout of SCUT featuring three campuses in one city, and elaborated the ongoing progress and the talent policy of the Guangzhou International Campus. Viewing Lancaster University as one of the most important cooperation partners of SCUT, Li reviewed the past highlights between the two sides, including joint development of  a Confucius Institute, a number of cooperation agreements on joint education programs, and close scientific research and academic links in various fields. She expected that both sides will continue to deepen cooperation and achieve greater development. Li also introduced the preparations for the 6th China International College Students' “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held by SCUT, and cordially invited the students of Lancaster University to join in.

Simon responded that Lancaster University attaches great importance to the in-depth cooperation between the two universities, and Lancaster will engage in strategic cooperation with SCUT and integrate resources from the university level to strengthen cooperation in scientific research exchanges and high-level talent training. Simon also expressed his strong desire to build a joint research institute in the Guangzhou International Campus. Regarding the “Internet +” competition, Simon said that Lancaster University has promoted the competition on campus and will continue to fully support SCUTs work.

The two universities had in-depth discussions on cooperation in the Guangzhou International Campus, especially the scientific research cooperation in the field of environment and energy, the joint training of high-level graduate students, the introduction of overseas academic masters, the Sino-foreign joint education programs, and how to better carry out the internationalization work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two sides proposed a draft work plan and timetable on future cooperation.

Translated and Edited by Chen Juncheng
Proofread by Xu Cenlin
Source from the GZIC, SCUT News Network

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