(Lecture) Self-healing polymeric materials: design, preparation and characterization

Topic: Self-healing polymeric materials: design, preparation and characterization

Speaker: Prof. Mingqiu ZHANG (Sun Yat-sen University)

Time: Jan. 9th, 2019 (Wednesday), 10:00

Venue: 324 lecture hall, No. 2 building, North Science Park, Wushan Campus


Self-healing represents a next-generation technique. Damages that are inevitably generated in materials during fabrication and service can be automatically repaired on a microscopic scale and would no longer develop into macroscopic failure as in the case of conventional materials. The present talk is planned to introduce our research progresses in the area of self-healing polymeric materials, including the extrinsic and intrinsic strategies. In particular, the knowledge path towards problem-solving methods will be discussed. Audience will be provided with a grasp of the achievements to date and an insight into the future development.    


Professor Ming Qiu Zhang has over thirty five-year systematic experience in polymers, polymer blends and polymer composites, with particular interests in their structure-property-processing relationships, characterization techniques, and applications as functional materials. Prof. Zhang has published 1 monograph, 16 book chapters, and more than 400 publications in refereed scientific journals and books on the general topics including mechanical properties of polymers and reinforced polymer composites, nanoparticles surface modification and nanoparticles/polymer composites, bio-composites from renewable resources, interfacial structure in composite materials, macromolecular physics, electrical conductive performance of polymer composites, friction and wear of polymers and composites, and self-healing polymeric materials. He also holds 67 patents. Prof. Zhang serves as a member of Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials (AACM) Council and the standing council of Chinese Society for Materials Science, and the president of Guangdong Society for Composites. In addition, he is on the editorial board of 9 scientific journals. 

Announced by South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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