(Short Course) Polymer Structure and Dielectric Properties

Title: Polymer Structure and Dielectric Properties

Speaker: Prof.Lei ZHU (Case Western Reserve University)


Lecture 1:  Dec 25, 2018(Tuesday)10:00-11:35

Lecture 2:  Dec 25, 2018(Tuesday)14:30-16:55

Lecture 3:  Dec 27, 2018(Thursday)10:00-11:35

Lecture 4:  Dec 28, 2018(Friday)10:00-11:35

Lecture 5:  Dec 28, 2018(Friday)14:30-16:55

Venue: 324 lecture hall, No. 2 building, North Science Park, Wushan Campus

Course Syllabus

Electrical properties of polymers represent an important part of polymer condensed matter physics.  They can be divided into two major parts: insulating and semiconducting/conducting properties.  In this short course, we will primarily focus on the insulating properties in close relationship to polymer structures in the solid state.  In the first part, crystalline structures of polymers are introduced, including X-ray determination of crystal structures and chain conformations.  In the second part, dielectric polymers are introduced, where four types of polarization exist.  They include electronic, atomic (or vibrational), orientational (or dipolar), and space charge (including both ions and electrons/holes) polarizations.  The electrical behavior of dielectric polymers can range from linear dielectrics to nonlinear ferroelectrics, and numerous practical applications can be found for cable insulations, capacitors, electrets, and actuators.

Lecture 1: X-ray Technology and Symmetry of Crystals

Lecture 2: X-ray Structure Determination using Reciprocal Space

Lecture 3: Chain Conformation in Crystals

Lecture 4: Linear Dielectric Properties of Polymers

Lecture 5: Nonlinear Dielectric (Ferroelectric) Properties of Polymers

Introduction to the Speaker

Professor Lei ZHU received his B.S. degree in Materials Chemistry in 1993 and M.S. degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics in 1996 from Fudan University.  He received his Ph.D. degree in Polymer Science from University of Akron in 2000. After two-year post-doctoral experience at the Maurice Morton Institute, University of Akron, he joint Institute of Materials Science and Department of Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering at University of Connecticut, as an assistant professor.  In 2007, he was promoted to associate professor with tenure. In 2009, he moved to Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University as an Associate Professor.  In 2013, he was promoted to full Professor.  His research interests include high κ polymer and organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for high energy density capacitor applications, development of artificial antibody as nanomedicines, and supramolecular self-assembly of discotic liquid crystals.  He is recipient of NSF Career Award, 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award, DuPont Young Professor Award, and Rogers Teaching Excellence Award.  He is author and co-author of 170 refereed journal publications and 6 book chapters.  He delivered over 160 invited talks and 45 contributed presentations, and his total citation is 7800 times with an h-index of 50 (Google Scholar).

Announced by South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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