(Lecture) Microphase separation and interfacial interactions in multiphase polymers as revealed by solid-state NMR

Topic: Microphase separation and interfacial interactions in multiphase polymers as revealed by solid-state NMR

Speaker: Prof. Pingchuan Sun (Nankai University)

Time: Jan. 7th, 2019 (Monday), 10:00

Venue: 324 lecture hall, No. 2 building, North Science Park, Wushan Campus


Microphase separation in multiphase polymers endows the materials with excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties. In particular, the nanoscale interphase and interfacial interactions between different phases play a key role in controlling the final property of the material, while the molecular level detection of the interphase remains a great challenge. Elucidation of the microdomain structure and interphase is important for the design and preparation of high-performance polymer materials. In this talk, taking the elastomer toughened thermoplastic polymers and thermoset/block copolymer blends as examples, I will introduce the multiscale solid-state NMR studies on the microdomain structure, interphase and interfacial interactions in these multiphase polymers, and thus to elucidate the evolution of microphase separation and mechanism of the toughening, and provide theoretical and experimental guidance for the design of novel high-performance multiphase polymers.     


Prof. Pingchuan Sun obtained the BS and PhD degree on Condensed Matter Physics from Nankai University in 1986 and 1994, respectively. Since 1994, he has been a faculty member in the Institute of Polymer Chemistry in Nankai University, and was promoted to a full professor in 2005. His research fields mainly include polymer physics, advanced functional polymer materials and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Until now, he has published more than 140 peer-reviewed paper in top journals, including Adv. Mater., Macromolecules, Biomacromolecules, etc. He is a committee member of Chinese Physical Society on Spectroscopy. He also received Wang Tianjuan Spectroscopy Prize of Chinese Physical Society in 2006, and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2008. 

Announced by South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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