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1.Food Quality and Safety

The curriculums of the programme cover the field of  Chemistry, Biochemsitry and Food Science and Technology. The graduates of the Programme will grasp the knowledge of management, QC, QA and regulations in food producing as well as the skill of analysis. After the training, the students have competence to work in food industry and in the area of food safety. 

2. Food Science and Technology

The programme is designed according to the standard of International Engineering Alliance and the Washington Accord. The main courses are given by professors and parts of the courses were in English or bilingual English/Chinese. The curriculums of the programme include the Food Microbiology and Biochemistry, Food Nutrition and health, Food Processing, Food Analysis, Design of Food Manufactory, and Management of Food Industry. The graduate can work in the area of Food Science and Food Producing. In the second year of the programme, the students have the chance to choose Nutrition as their subject.