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Teaching laboratories  

  The school also has a National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center (NETDC) for undergraduates teaching in Food Science and Engineering. The laboratories of NETDC have instruments with the total value of more than ¥63 million (equivalent to $10 million USD). The NETDC laboratories including Food Chemistry/analysis Lab, Food safety and microbiology Lab, Food biochemistry Lab, Food Processing Lab, with a total area of about 1400 m2.

1.Food chemistry/analysis lab

    Food Chemistry/Analysis Lab locates at Food Science Building Room 13309-13311(215 m2), which contain a variety of food analysis equipment such as HPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS for teaching food analysis courses. The laboratory is constantly upgraded to meet international standards.





2.Food Safety and Microbiology Lab

    Food Safety and Microbiology Lab (Room 14505, 14507, 14508, 14509, 14511, 14512, 426 m2) is used for food safety and microbiology teaching. Courses will focus on detecting chemicals such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, and microbiology. The Lab have pesticide residue detector, super clean benches, automatic autoclaves, biochemical incubators, Electro-heating Standing-temperature Cultivators, artificial climate boxes, refrigerators, biological microscopes, electronic balances, gel electrophoresis.





3.Food biochemistry Lab

    Food biochemistry Lab (Room 13311,1315,13317,13316, 286 m2) contain low pressure chromatography system (protein purification device), PCR instruments, microplate reader, thermostatic bath, vertical electrophoresis, electrophoresis apparatus, imaging apparatus, horizontal electrophoresis tank, constant flow pump, automatic fraction collector, high-speed centrifuge, centrifuge, biochemical incubator, ventilation cabinet, rotary evaporation instrument, UV analyzer, decolorization table, ultrasonic cell disrupter, homogenizer, and electric thermostatic water bath shaker.



   4.Food Processing Lab

    Food Processing Lab Room 13106-13110, 442 m2 is currently equipped with whole range of traditional unit operation apparatus and has space to accommodate up to 40 students. Food Processing Lab contain (1) Liquid food:  carbon dioxide meters, vacuum de-aerators, UHT sterilizer, fermentors, PHE cooler, homogenizers, liquid packer, electric steam generator; (2) Bakery equipment: ovens, dual-extruder, refrigerators, mixers, steam cabinets; (3) Dairy equipment:  cooling tanks, cream separators, pasteurizers, homogenizers, ultraclean fillers, dairy analyzers, film separation units;(4) Meat equipment: Ultra High Pressure equipment (UHP), sausage stuffers, meat grinders, choppers, can sealer;(5) Canned food:can vacuum testers, carbon dioxide vacuum testers, ovens, refrigerators, mixers, steam cabinets, frozen fermentation box, spray dryer, can sealer, hot sealing machine, analytic balances, canned center temperature tester, 10 L film condensation equipment, ovens, ice machine, viscometers, electromagnetic ovens, refrigerators, vacuum pumps, visual cutting machine.