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Pilot plant  

(1) The Robust-SCUT Center for Vegetable Food Protein

The Robust-SCUT Center for Vegetable Food Protein (RSCVFP) established in 2000 and funded by SCUT and Robust (Guangdong) Food & Beverage Co. Ltd., is a public research and development center which is used for vegetable food proteins preparation and utilization. Based on SCUT, the center has a 600 m2 area of fully equipped instruments for food protein separation and functionality testing, including two middle-scale processing equipment for modified protein production.

    Peptide production line, 300 kg/day

    Recombined and fermented milk production line, 300 kg/day

    Tangential flow membrane system for separation and concentration

    Miscellaneous: ultra high temperature processing system, spray dryer, membrane evaporator and horizontal centrifuge.


(2) Functional Food Processing pilot plant

The Functional Food Processing pilot plant has a total area of 400 m2. It provides SCUT with excellent food product research and teaching facilities. The primary goal of the pilot plant is to provide a teaching and research infrastructure for the department, to provide our students with the ability to work and conduct research in an operating production facility and to pilot the industry projects as well. The Pilot Plant is ideal for the evaluation of new ingredients, formulations, and processes on a small scale, and for short course laboratories and equipment demonstrations. The facilities can accommodate multiple activities simultaneously.

    The Pilot Plant includes specialized equipment in the fields of bioactive peptides processing and natural products extraction (grinding, homogenizing, reflux extraction, filtering, and sterilization etc.), and various concentration operations (membrane processing, vacuum concentration, and centrifugation, etc.). Additionally, an independent area referring to Dry Pilot Plant is also available and is designed for processing products in a low relative humidity environment, with an emphasis on powders (by Spray Dryer) and tablet products.


(3)Fruit Juice & Wine pilot plant

    The Fruit Juice & Wine pilot plant is located at South Campus and has a total area of more than 300 m2 , equipped with ultraviolet sterilization system, fermentation system, fruit peeling equipment, fruit crushing and crushing equipment, temperature controlled fermentation tank production line, and different filters, which can achieve a pilot scale of 0.5 ton/day fruit processing.