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In recent years, our college has carried out close and fruitful international scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with dozens of world-class universities and research institutes in the field of food science and engineering, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Idaho, Ohio State University, Leeds University in the US, Osaka Prefecture University in Japan, University of Queensland in Australia, and universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, through the implementation of internationalization strategies, cooperation with introduced talents, in teaching remarkable achievements have been made in scientific research.

We have invited many scholars and experts from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India to visit our university and give presentations and lectures.  More than a dozen of experts from famous universities in the developed countries have been appointed as visiting, consultant or honorary professors. We also encourage our young faculty members to looking for the opportunities to conduct research at these universities in order to obtain a global perspective and at the same time advance their research.  We have held a number of international conferences, including the 2017 International Nonthermal Food Processing and Nutrition Symposium”, where experts, scholars and friends in the related fields from all over the world met at our university, conducting academic exchanges and further enhancing our reputation to the world.  Currently a number of potential international collaboration research projects between our university and oversea partners are being discussed.