Guangdong Surface Chemical Engineering and Technology Research Center for Energy Materials
Time:2020-08-19        Views:22

Guangdong Surface Chemical Engineering and Technology Research Center for Energy Materials was officially approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in January 2018. The center focuses on energy storage and conversion in the process of new energy development and energy efficient utilization. The work in fuel cell technology, lithium (sodium) ion battery technology, super capacitor technology, efficient utilization technology of solar energy and other four directions has formed a distinctive feature. Specific studies include: theoretical design of composition and structure of new materials; preparation of nanostructured materials; photoelectric absorption and transformation, transmission and coupling, and regulation and design of nanomaterials; modeling, simulation and in-situ characterization of charge and mass transport in sub-and electronic conductors; electrophysical and electrochemical behavior of thin films and interfaces; solid state electrochemical devices for energy storage and conversion, etc. The center has obtained independent research achievement in the boundary control methods and technical systems of advanced battery materials , the demonstration of power batteries, portable power supplies, large-scale energy storage and other aspects, the preparation technology of key materials and devices for solid oxide fuel cells with the applicatoin in mobile power supply and distributed power supply.

In recent years, the Center has undertaken more than 40 scientific research projects such as the national key research and development programs and the key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, forming a batch of technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, applying for more than 50 invention patents and obtaining more than 30 authorized invention patents.