Since the beginning of the emblem collection of the School of Environment and Energy in October 2014, the school had received strong support from faculty members and students, and totally received 17 manuscripts for the emblem. After the discussion of the school emblem review group, the following design scheme was adopted.


  Authored by Wang Wanqing

Design description:

The overall logo of the School of Environment and Energy is circular in shape with blue and white in both Chinese and English, symbolizing the harmonious and beautiful scene of blue sky and white clouds, and the mission of the school to beautify and protect the environment. The main pattern is composed of three white brush strokes, implying profound cultural heritage. The overall shape of the brush stroke is both like water drops and fire. The pure water drop represents the environment, while the raging fire represents energy. From the top right and bottom left, the three white strokes and the blue background look like a white "E" crossed with a blue "E" , representing the initials of words "Environment" and "Energy", which implies the integrated development and mutual promotion of the two disciplines of Environment and Energy. Under the white strokes, a dark blue river in the shape of "S" meanders, which represents the initials of South China University of Technology, implying that all the faculties and students of the School of Environment and Energy will display their talents on the platform of South China University of Technology and inject new energy continuously into the vigorous development of the University. The new emblem of the School of environment and energy is rich in connotation and profound in meaning, which demonstrates the characteristics, vision and direction of the School of Environment and Energy of South China University of Technology.