Guangdong Ecological Dialysis and Environmental Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center
Time:2020-08-22        Views:27

Guangdong Ecological Dialysis and Environmental Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center was established in 2017. Based on the concept of sustainable ecology, environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency, as well as the advanced technologies of biofiltration, aerobic denitrification, advanced oxidation, ecological restoration and membrane separation, the research center carries out environmental remediation research, consultation and technology application in the field of water, gas and solid. The center carried out the research and application of aerobic denitrification in the fields of high-efficiency biological filtration flue gas denitrification, high-efficiency nitrogen removal and organic pollutant removal of water, high-efficiency biological filtration in VOC removal and deodorization, and high-efficiency biological filtration technology in the treatment of rivers and lakes. In addition, it established the first biological filtration and denitrification system for industrial flue gas, applied aerobic denitrification technology to industrial wastewater and sewage treatment efficiently, studied the efficient of cell-breaking technology of sludge and the efficient hydrolyzation-anaerobic digestion technology, explored the release and control mechanisms and technologies of malodorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and greenhouse gases such like NOx in sewage treatment plants and polluted water bodies (river gushing) for further controlling the release of air pollutants from the source, simultaneously carried out the efficient biochemical treatment and reuse technology of sewage. Also, it carried out research on the preparation of combustible gas and liquid fuel from solid waste of biomass by thermolysis, the treatment and reuse technology of efficient biofilm wastewater and biodegradable modified natural polymer materials. At present, more than 30 invention patents have been obtained. A number of technical achievements in the field of environmental engineering and environmental functional materials have been transferred and promoted.