Prof. Wu Shuizhu's Group (Optical Functional Materials )
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Optical Functional Materials Lab 

where chemistry, materials and biology meet





About the Lab

The Lab is at College of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. Generally, our focus is on developing novel optical functional materials and approaches for detections in such fields as biology, environment and food safety as well as for theranostic applications.



Research interests

The lab's main research interests center on materials development and engineering approaches for biological detections and theranostic systems using novel optically active platforms, and include design and synthesis of novel chromophores, photophysical systems, molecular/nanoparticle-based fluorescent and optoacoustic imaging systems, biomaterials and others.




Shuizhu Wu




Fang Zeng





Lihe Sun

PhD student



Junjie Chen

PhD student



Juan Ouyang

PhD student



Jun Zhong

PhD student



Cheng Zeng

PhD student



Jingxian Fang

PhD student



Yi Long

PhD student







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Phone: +86 20 22236262

Where are we?

South China University of Technology, College of Materials Science and Engineering Engineering,

381 Wushan Road, Guangzhou 510640, China