Prof. Cao Yong
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Name: Cao Yong

Research direction: Organic/polymer materials and devices

Contact number020-87114609


Cao Yong appointed as Professor and director of Institute of Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and Devices at the South China Unversity of Technology since 1999. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Chemistry in former Leningrad University (Petersburg, Russia) at 1965 and PhD degree at Tokyo University at 1987. He was previously professor at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, 1986-1988, visiting scientist at Institute of Polymer and Organic Solids, UCSB, 1988-1990, senior scientist at Uniax Corporation(CA,USA), 1990-1999. He is member of Chinese Academy of Science since 2001 and Fellow of TWAS since 2008.